Saturday, January 31, 2009

Insomnia/The Misfits

I can't stay asleep anymore and half the time, I don't even want to sleep. I didn't sleep before the show we played last night, and I just woke up at 6:20 after falling asleep at like 2. That's the most sleep I've gotten in a while though so I guess that's good. The show last night/ 7 hours ago was fun. It was really good to play our songs again. We played Children In Heat for the first time ever and it was a blast. I was having panic attacks the whole time before we played though and I was feeling weak and dizzy. Luckily Julia calmed me down and I was able to play. There was a handful of kids there and they seemed to really like the songs from Punch The Clock and since it was our first time playing with Mike in a LONG time, we played mostly material from that album: Keep The Change, Lost And Found, Streetlights, Cyanide, Bushwhacked. The Invasions Of The Mind songs that we played were: Invasions, Hunter Red, Heaven, 400, Hail The Size Of Grapes. So actually that's 5 from each album which makes it an even split. We ended the set by playing Buddy Holly by Weezer for Joe. I didn't know a lot of the words, but I don't think anyone cared, it was fun anyway.

Before the show, Julia bought me this at the store that's connected to Anchors Up (the venue we played last night in Haverhill):

It is one of 2 Misfits action figures that were made by 21st Century Toys in 1999. The one I got last night is the Jerry Only one. I still need Doyle's though. I actually used to have them both but my mom smashed and destroyed them for the most part, and my friends finished the job. Me and my mom used to get in these crazy arguments that would always end up in her smashing all my shit. One of the best parts about finding this toy though, is the fact that they haven't been made in years and I got this one for $14.99 when you can clearly see HERE that they can go for upwards of 200 dollars nowadays. I remember seeing the action figure there when Energy played before, but I assumed someone would have been smart enough to buy it since then, I assumed wrong. Jerry is still in the packaging, the box has been opened but the plastic straps holding the action figure in place are still there meaning that it hasn't been taken out/played with. Upon further inspection, I see that there are other ebay users selling them for way less than that, but either way you look at it, they are being sold somewhere for 200 dollars, and I got it for 15, not bad. I might try and see if Julia will let me bid on the Doyle figurine, doubtful though seeing as she never has ANY money, and is in a ton of debt. It would just be something that would make me feel really good, knowing that I didn't lose those forever. I used to have so much Misfits merchandise when I was younger, it was awesome. I had this lunchbox

which I think I still have, it just might be in storage with all of my other belongings. If I do still have it, it's in perfect condition.

I also have this Misfits clock that I have right in front of me that I need to hang on my wall.

I think I'll do that at some point this weekend.

I was/still am beyond obsessed with The Misfits. There has never been a band that moved me the way that they do. There never will be either. Hmm, while I'm going on about The Misfits I'll try and think of more Misfits stuff I own. I own 12" for: Static Age, Beware, and Collection 2, 7" for: Cough Cool/She and 3 Hits From Hell. I had Misfits shoelaces at one point, I might still have them somewhere. I have my Misfits wallet, Misfits shirts I have are: Earth AD, Halloween, Evilive(white,all over print that turned blue in the wash, and is now unwearable), Classic skull, Classic skull with white stitch, Large print Collection 1 insert pic, and a sleeveless designer/discharge print Bullet shirt. Shirts I used to own included: Legacy Of Brutality, Die Die My Darling, new school Die Die My Darling (20 Years of Terror on the back, acquired this at the show in 1999 at Lupos in Rhode Island with Reach The Sky and Ignite) skeleton bones longsleeve, and I may have had another one of the many modernized variations of the classic skull shirt. I own a Misfits shot glass, and a Misfits ashtray, even though both are useless to me as anything besides collectibles. I own a VHS tape for their video for Scream that you could only get at a show, or when you ordered both action figures. I own all of their albums on cd (Static Age, Walk Among Us, Earth AD, Legacy Of Brutality, Collection 1, Evilive, Collection 2, American Psycho, Famous Monsters, Cuts From The Crypt) except Project 1950 (but that doesn't count). I even own Evilive 2 which was exclusive to Fiend Club members in 1998 less than 4 thousand were pressed, 3 thousand on the color I have(black and white) and 1 thousand on blue. I owned at least one of their leather chain wallets way back before I was a vegetarian(I have since switched to a way cooler looking velcro Misfits wallet made of animal friendly material.) I have had mutliple Misfits belt buckles. Misfits pins I have right now are: Horror Business, Classic skull, Earth AD, Die Die My Darling, and of course, the Fiend Club pin that comes with The Misfits Box Set. I must have owned more in the past, I just can't remember. I own bootlegs of a few live shows on cassette tape, and a bootleg VHS that contains videos of them playing on a local cable access show in Detroit, a show in Boston, the Braineaters music video, and another show. The only show on the tape that is worth watching is the Detroit one, the rest are so badly filmed that it's unwatchable. I have owned the Misfits Box Set twice which includes a 28 page color booklet with pictures, lyrics to every song, and linear notes by Eerie Von.

I know there's more stuff, I'm probably just not thinking of it all right now because of how little I've slept. As far as Samhain and Danzig stuff goes, I own 2 copies of the Samhain Box Set which is long since out of print and includes all 4 releases (Initium, Unholy Passion, November-Coming Fire, Final Descent) plus a double live album (Live '85-'86), a VHS tape of live footage spanning from the beginning of their carreer to the end, the Samhain comic book, and a 28 page color booklet with pictures, lyrics to Initium/NCF, and linear notes from Steve Zing and London May. I had recently bought the Samhain DVD: Live 1984 at The Stardust Ballroom, but it was lost with all my other DVDs. I used to own an Initium shirt, but gave it to Josh, I own a sleeveless November-Coming Fire that fits terribly, I used to own a few Samhain pins, I have an original Plan 9 pressing of November-Coming Fire on CD which had been out of print for years even when I first got it in 2000, the only one of their repressed CDs that I bought individually was Unholy Passion, which I still have. I don't own any Samhain vinyl, I should look into getting some. As for Danzig, I have the classic skull shirt(one with sleeves, one without), Danzig 1,2,3,4p,Thrall,5,6:66, Double Live CD, 777, Circle Of Snakes, Lost Tracks, Black Aria 1 and 2 all on CD, no Danzig vinyl either though. I own both original VHS tapes for the Danzig 1 and Danzig 2: Lucifuge home videos. I used to own both Danzig DVDs with all the music videos, but along with the Samhain DVD, they too got lost amongst all of my other DVDs this past Christmas, shortly after I returned from Europe. I can still buy those in stores though.

The first time I saw The Misfits was in 1999 at Lupos in Rhode Island and I believe I was 14. My dad took me and my brother to see the show. We went out to eat down the street from the venue before the show and as we were eating, Doyle walked in with someone and took a seat right next to us. I was freaking out. My dad said "Hey are you Doyle from The Misfits," and Doyle said "yes I am" my dad then went on to explain to him how much his 2 sons love his band, from what I can remember, Doyle was polite, and talked for a bit. I barely said anything because I was so star struck, it was mostly my dad talking. After he left, I stole his straw out of the glass he was drinking out of (hey, I was 14, and extremely fanatical haha). I put it in the box with his action figure that I owned. The straw has long since been lost along with the figurine. That would be the only time that I would see The Misfits as Michael Graves, Doyle, Jerry Only, Dr. Chud.

Then came 2005.

The following is an entry in my LiveJournal that I wrote on February 20th, 2005:

"the whole day will be spent in preparation for what will be the greatest night of my life on this earth. i will do everything in my power to assure nothing will go wrong, I won't drive(or at least i'll try not to) i will take my plugs out, i will shower right before it, Everything and anything will be done to assure i am in the most comfort, and all around happy for this night....

Since i was little, I have wanted nothing more than to see Glenn, and Doyle(Jerry too, but he won't even join his own brother on stage with Glenn, you know it's HIS fault the "misfits" are still playing out, he just wanted to re-live his glory days as the bassist of the best band ever, and Glenn wouldn't cooperate so he made a mockery of the name, by keeping this embarassment going still to this day...its not the Misfits, GLENN DANZIG IS THE MISFITS)....but yeah....their 55 songs are the most important things to me in the world. from static age to earth ad and everything in between, those are the songs that got me into punk, those are the songs that taught me how to Sing, those are the songs i grew up on.

Ever since i learned how to play the guitar, ever since i learned to hit notes with my voice, glenn danzig and doyle have been the 2 people that i looked up to the most, I am finally going to see them together onstage performing the songs that made me who i am today. it sounds funny but it's true...

If you aren't into the Misfits that's ok, some people just aren't. but if you've never heard them,or aren't into them because you haven't really given them a listen...please IM me ( JasonTankerley) i will take the time out of my week sometime to hang out and listen to the misfits with you because they aren't just punk songs, or some band from the 80's those songs are beautiful amazing songs...I can't stress that enough.

" check out me and mike's acoustic misfits covers"

I'm done...i have my ticket for Danzig Feb 28th at the Roxy in Boston with Doyle on Guitar doing a Misfits set, nothing can bring me down.

The following is what I wrote in my LiveJournal the day after the show: on March 1st, 2005:

"Last night was incredible:

the first 4 songs on Circle Of Snakes were played(Intro, Skin Carver, 1000 Devil's Reign, Circle Of Snakes,

777 and Her Black Wings From Lucifuge

Satans Child from Satans Child

It's Comin' Down from Thrall-Demonsweatlive

How The Gods Kill from How The Gods Kill

Black Mass From Danzig 7

Then Glenn Says "this next part of the set goes out to the crowd..............*long pause*............DOYLE!"

Doyle comes flying out from backstage, wailing on his guitar, everyone starts screaming, glenn then says "ya, NOW im not fuckin gay...this ones 20 Eyes...." and from there they played the following Misfits Songs:

20 Eyes
Earth AD
Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
Die, Die My Darling
We are 138

they finished with Twist Of Cain And Mother was the last song of course

Seeing Doyle onstage with Glenn Danzig is something i will never forget.

This was the best time of my life."

It's hard to believe that that was 4 years ago, wow. I remember buying tickets for some people that went, I think maybe Mike Assatly and Jere. I bought them tickets becaue I knew that they didn't know what they were going to be missing. It ended up being Me, Al, Josh, Jere, and Mike that went. I tried to get my brother to go but I forget why he didn't want to. All night we were sitting through metal bands that none of us liked, when Danzig came on it was surreal. I just couldn't believe I was seeing him in real life. Everyone else I was with was never too big into Danzig so they just stayed in the back while I sang along, but as soon as Doyle came out, something came over the 5 of us that I've never before witnessed, and haven't since. We lost our minds. I remember climbing all over everybody and losing my shit screaming "Mommy...Can I Go Out And.....KILL TONIGHT!" and during Die Die My Darling, I remember being on top of everyone and I got within feet of Glenn screaming in his face. That was the most surreal moment of my life. I can't ever remember being that happy, I felt like I could die and I wouldn't care. Even right now when I'm typing this out, I'm grinning uncontrollably. No matter what mood I'm in, thinking of that night brings a smile to my face.

I saw Danzig and Doyle once more at the New England Metal and Hardcore festival, they played the same Misfits songs, minus one (I forget which one), and the same Danzig songs plus Bringer Of Death off of Danzig 4p. It was incredible, but didn't even touch the first time. I don't think anything ever will, maybe if it was Glenn, Doyle, AND Jerry, but I'm perfectly content with what I've seen, and I feel like I saw a Misfits reunion that night.

A year or so ago, maybe more, I have a terrible memory, Danzig was coming through MA again with Gorgeous Frankenstein (Doyle's new band) and Steve Zing from Samhain was playing bass for Danzig. This meant the possibility of seeing Danzig sing Misfits, Samhain(which I later found out he did), and of course, Danzig songs. I bought my ticket and everything, but the night before, or 2 nights before, in Baltimore, Maryland, he fell offstage and injured his collarbone, and they had to cancel.

Here's the video of him falling, it's about 4 minutes in:

I remember Al was the one that told me it was cancelled, and of course knowing Al, I thought it was a joke, but it turns out he was serious. So me, Josh, and I think even Eric was going this time, had to return our tickets and get refunds. I was so mad that I didn't even get mad. People must have been wondering when it was going to hit me, and when I would snap. Hopefully I will get to see Danzig at least one more time before he stops doing music all together.

Wow, it's 9 am. That means I have been sitting here taking my time typing all this out for like 2 and a half hours now. My mom just woke up and I showed her the Misfits action figure I got and she remembered it and seemed excited that I somehow found another one for so cheap. It's trips down memory lane like this that send me on really big kicks of listening to bands, I'm sure this is no exception. During this entry I have already listened to Static Age, Walk Among Us, and Earth AD in their entirety, and I will follow it by listening to the rest of the songs I haven't listened to that are randomly scattered throughout the rest of their releases. I don't think I have any specific plans for today so I'll probably just spend the day hanging out at home with Julia, we'll probably go out and get food at Stop And Shop at some point, and just watch movies all day. I like doing that. I don't relax enough.

Well I guess this is the end of this marathon entry, I'll just end it with this:

The Misfits are the greatest band of all time.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I should be trying to sleep right now...

Today I woke up and went to Grasshopper with Julia and Eric. It was fun. We dropped off Eric at Al's and went to my mom's where we watched Almost Heroes, that movie is hilarious. She went home after that, and since then, I've just been just sitting here online. Energy has a show tomorrow in Haverhill at Anchor's Up with Debaser and BearTrap. It will be interesting because Mike Assatly is playing drums for us. The rest of the band practiced with him today, I couldn't make it because for one, I was on 2 hours of sleep, and 2nd, Mike doesn't have a PA so it would have been pointless anyway.
I'm certain though, that no one will show up, because we are the headliner. When I say things like that, I am not trying to come off as humble, it's just true. No one will be there tomorrow, probably a handful of people, which is fine, I'm more than happy that anyone thinks the music I make is worth paying money to see performed live, it's just aggravating knowing that most shows have low turnouts nowadays. But hopefully, I'm completely wrong, a ton of kids show up and go off, and I have to backtrack everything I just wrote in tomorrow's entry. We'll see.

We seem to get quite a bit of shit for being "over rated" or whatever else people say, but I just don't see how we're over rated when no one knows who we are, except for the few people that come out to see us, and the people online that say we're over rated. Sometimes I think people get the impression that we are more popular than we actually are. I don't mean that as "I think we are really popular" because I know first hand, that we are not. It's just that judging by what people say about us online sometimes, I have to believe that to be somewhat true. Some people just flat out hate my guts too. Which is very strange seeing as I don't really talk to enough people for them to know enough about my personality to make a good judgement as to whether or not I'm "full of myself". Then again, I'm told that a lot of the time, that could be exactly why people think that, which is equally stupid. I just don't like talking to people I don't know, simply because I don't know you, and wouldn't have the slightest idea what we could talk about. Sometimes, with certain people, I can talk to them pretty easily, and it's great, but that just isn't the case with 99 percent of the people I encounter on tour. It's not my imagination either, I'm told first hand by a lot of people that people have said negative things about me directly to them. That I'm arrogant, full of myself, conceited, that I think I'm better than everyone, etc. etc. etc. I just really wish that instead of saying/thinking those ridiculous things, that those people would just understand that they don't know me, and that it's OK for some people to be a little guarded. It doesn't HAVE to mean that it's an insult towards you. Whatever, this is a tired subject (at least in my own mind).

I should lay down now and start the horrible process of trying to fall asleep so that I can wake up in time to get ready for the show tomorrow. Also, I think I'm going to copy Josh's idea by taking a picture of myself every time I update and including it in my post. I have become so infatuated with documenting my life as well as I can by writing in this blog every day/night, that I might as well have a photo to go with each day. Who knows, maybe in 10 years (yes, as of right now I plan on doing this for the rest of my life) I'll be able to look back on all the chronologically organized entries, and be able to watch myself get older day to day, entry to entry. It's kind of a weird thing to think of, but if I keep it up, I'll be able to do it.

Punch The Clock

Energy - Punch The Clock E.P. Pictures, Images and Photos
Since our player won't allow more than 6 songs, I made a separate profile for all the songs on Punch The Clock so that you can listen to them, add them to your page, or just plain ignore this. Either way it's there.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Steve Albini

I've been listening to In Utero a lot and reading up on some things and talking to Joe and we've been seriously talking about getting Steve Albini to do our next album, of course that is if he would/wanted to. We want a REAL quality to our next album. Real sounding drums/vocals etc. We've been talking about an all analog recording. I'd be really excited to hear how it would come out. This is all very theoretical at this stage though. Joe has around 15 songs written for our next album, but I have barely even started on my end so we won't be recording any time soon. Besides, Invasions Of The Mind only came out 4 months ago, that's still VERY recent. There's no reason to jump the gun. At least I don't think there is.

Every band/album that comes out nowadays sounds like the most fake thing I've ever heard. It would be nice for our next record to sound like sort of an absolutely flawless live performance. If we had all the time in the world I would do an album entirely on analog. I'm not a recording nerd either, by any means, but I heard how the drums for Invasions Of The Mind sounded in Q-Division Studios before they were brutally raped by triggers, and it was amazing. I remember thinking that the album was going to come out sounding amazing solely based on that. But of course, we got fucked in the end. We all want a remix of the album, and to pull the triggers as far back as possible, but I don't see that happening anytime in the near future. Who knows though. We still have video footage of the drum tracking somewhere, from inside the drum room and from the control room. I remember how good they sounded, we were all so pleased. Dammit. Also I think we all agree that maybe a different approach to the recording of the vocals would be a smart idea. Maybe single track the verses and double the chorus, or maybe just play it by ear, but overall, lay off the double tracks. I don't really regret doing it on Invasions, it was what I wanted at the time, and it bookmarks a point in time and an experiment in recording, but I think I want something else for our future records, at least for this next one.

Check out these videos, pretty cool:


I don't know if I'm "supposed to" say any of that stuff seeing as it's still in the brainstorming stage and not final, but it shouldn't matter. I can't stand all the unspoken rules everyone has to follow in the music scene. It's pathetic. Everything has to be hush-hush all the time. I'd never get to enjoy the excitement of new and interesting things if I didn't share them with the people I know because when you're excited about something, you want to talk about it when the excitement is at it's highest...right when it happens, but everyone tells you "don't tell anyone though" so then by the time it's "OK" to tell everyone, your excitement has lost serious steam, and it's just an all around let down. I mean it's not like we are 100 percent for a fact going with Steve Albini, or even talked to him once, or even talked about talking to him to anyone, and I'm telling you stuff that is supposed to be top secret, it's just an idea. I know that this probably isn't even anything anyone would get mad at me for posting but all the things that people do get mad at me for talking about are just as insane so I don't even know if I can tell the difference. Who knows we could just as easily call Steve Albini and send him our new songs and he tells us that he thinks that we suck. Either way I'm just saying it would be cool to record with him, and wanted to express how ridiculous it is that I can't just say stuff because OTHER PEOPLE will take it out of context and be idiots. One more thing while I'm still on this topic, I don't understand why it's not ok to dislike bands anymore, or even people for that matter, but let's stick to bands right now. I just flat out don't care for too many bands, especially in the scene we are in. WHY IS THAT WRONG? Explain that to me. Yes the PEOPLE in these bands may be nice, good people, but why do I have to like their band just because of that fact? I don't. I see people writing negative shit about Energy online ALL THE TIME and I seriously don't get mad, as a matter of fact some people even say to me "aren't you mad, aren't you going to say anything" and I just say, "that's how they feel about us, I chose to make my art public and can't get upset when not every single person likes it." Besides, you get more real emotion out of people when they criticize your music (Constructively, and to your face of course). I think that most of the people who write negative reviews or "talk shit" about us online wouldn't come right up and say it to me, not because they are afraid of me or anything like that, just because they aren't directly confrontational people like their internet persona suggests. It's OK if we are friends and you don't like Energy. There I said it right there, it doesn't bother me. Granted in a perfect world everyone in bands would have all of their friends loving all the music they make, but that's in a non existent perfect world. If you just plain don't like how our songs sound to you, I'm fine with it, I will actually respect you more for expressing your true opinion and just saying it to me. That's why I hardly ever thank bands when I'm onstage because I don't want people to think that I love every single band we've ever played with. When I do actually like a band though, then I MIGHT say something. That's still a maybe.

I need to figure out how to get acoustic guitar strings. I also need to figure out how to write lyrics faster than I am. I want to be one of those bands that pumps out songs, and has more b-side material than released music. I have no problem whatsoever writing melodies, I do it all the time, it's just sitting down and concentrating and working hard on lyrics that is the hard part. I believe that melodies come first, lyrics second. This may be a controversial stance on writing, but I stand by it. Music and melody are the best part of music, and the melody is what people are (hopefully) going to be singing to themselves over and over. I don't see it as sacrificing lyrical content either, it just gives you a set frame to work within. Melody then lyrics is the best method to get your words sounding good with the melody too. If you write a bunch of lyrics and then figure out a melody that works with the lyric, then the ideal melody is sacrificed, thus making your song less enjoyable from the listeners perspective. A melody is a melody, a lyric or lyrical idea/theme can be represented properly in many different ways. I guess what I'm trying to say is that lyrics can be re-shaped and re-worked and still convey exactly what you were trying to say, melodies, once changed are different melodies, and have lost something that you can't recapture otherwise.

I know that no one cares about this kind of stuff and that no one's even really reading it, but this blog is for me, not you....well it's for you too, but me first. I wrote a hook that I really like a lot for a song Joe wrote that he temporarily named Aragorn Isildur's Heir, some Lord Of The Rings reference of course. I am constantly humming the melody to myself so I think it's pretty good. Also, I am almost completely done with vocals all together for a new song called "Bleeding Grey". I am anxious to demo/record it. There are a lot of lyrics in it, for an Energy song that is. I usually don't write too many lyrics because the melody and pace don't call for it, but this one does, so I wrote accordingly.

I'm only writing so much in this because I woke up at like 8:30 PM and will be up for quite some time, so I'm trying to pass the time and keep myself entertained. I stayed up all last night and shoveled once it started snowing, then I passed out, woke up to a million IMs that I never responded to, and showered. As of late, my days have been pretty uneventful, yet I still manage to find enough to write about to write this much in here. I'd say that's enough for now though.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nirvana - Nevermind

Watch all 10 videos/chapters.The stuff with Butch Vig is the most interesting, he mutes out all the instruments on some songs and has vocal-only Kurt and David Grohl, explains the recording of Something In The Way, etc etc. It's just really cool. Watch it.

Oh and Eric.....

THIS is the greatest album of all time.


Well my whole plan to get my sleeping pattern back on track for the snowstorm failed. I woke up at 2PM today, after going to sleep around 9 or 10, and passed out around 11PM only to wake up at 3AM. I am now wide awake and probably won't be able to get back to sleep until I'm in the middle of shoveling my shitty driveway. I have to go out and shovel the entire driveway every time 2 inches comes down, so about every 2 hours. I'd seriously rather just wait until it's all over and then do one big pain in the ass run through of the whole driveway, but since I don't live entirely by myself, that's not up to me. I guess considering that I live here for free I can't really complain though. How else am I not going to be homeless in between tours? Oh well.

Today I woke up from Julia calling me because I asked her to (See above reason) and was compelled to write and record an a capella song. There aren't any words, I just opened GarageBand and recorded the one melody I had in my head, harmonized it, and just kept adding tracks/building new melodies off of it that sounded good. I think I ended up with around 12 vocal tracks. For some reason the built in mic kept peaking when I'd sing, but then later in the same track it would be too quiet. I've never recorded anything by myself in my entire life so whatever, I'm not too mad. I was supposed to go to Mike's house tonight, Sean called me and I told him I was going, and then right after telling Mike how tired I was, laid down to watch Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and passed right out. I woke up at 3(as I stated above) and saw an IM from Mike "you still need a ride?" I feel bad, I don't ever just blow people off when I tell them I'm doing something. It wasn't really my fault though, it's just the body's natural drowsiness, can't fight that. It just sucks because I flat out said that I would go over there, and then didn't show up, didn't answer IM's, and for all I know didn't answer my phone, seeing as I still can't find the damn thing. I don't want to be that guy that everyone counts on flaking out on plans.

I'm so bored right now. Energy leaves for another tour February 13th until who knows when, with BearTrap and Debaser. At least I'll be touring with some people I'm friends with/know. Then in mid March we are doing a full U.S. tour with Defeater. I will be missing Valentine's day AND Julia's birthday because of the Debaser/BearTrap tour, fantastic, I'm a piece of shit. I can't provide for anyone, not even myself, and I can't even be here for the few things that simply me being around would make other people happy. By other people I mean Julia. Aside from me being a piece of shit that is worthless to everyone, and on a more self centered note, I don't think touring will be THAT bad this time seeing as I'll be able to go to stores and know what things say, and everyone will speak English. Plus since we've been from here to Florida/California/Texas etc, multiple times now, I can think of it as revisiting some of my past, which for some reason is more comforting to me. Also, I have a MacBook this time, which means online video tour updates and video chatting with Josh and Eric (that is, if Eric doesn't come on the tour, which he probably won't want to). It's too bad that you can't get internet everywhere like on a sidekick. If that were the case I would just have a constant live feed in the van. Either way, it will be way better than before because in this day and age, having a computer/laptop helps a lot.

This is getting too long so I'm going to stop.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh my god...

Does anyone else know about this site?

I can't wait to do hilarious ones of me getting hurt or something.

Eric, I'm looking at you to perfect this art...


It reminds me of this:


My Twitter is now connected to my blog

Monday, January 26, 2009

Unlimited information storage may soon be a reality...

Holy SHIT that would be sick, too bad even if it does eventually happen, it probably won't be for another 30 years.

First Post

Along with my Good Music For Free blog, my LiveJournal, My Myspace blog, and my Twitter, I will be updating this pretty regularly. GMFF - Music Uploads, LiveJournal - Just for the hell of it, Myspace - When I don't have access to a computer, and Twitter - constant stuff....I really don't have a life. I will be posting anything I want in this, pictures, videos, links, and of course my opinions on everything and updates on shit that happens in my life. I'll probably update more later.

Currently listening to: