Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well my whole plan to get my sleeping pattern back on track for the snowstorm failed. I woke up at 2PM today, after going to sleep around 9 or 10, and passed out around 11PM only to wake up at 3AM. I am now wide awake and probably won't be able to get back to sleep until I'm in the middle of shoveling my shitty driveway. I have to go out and shovel the entire driveway every time 2 inches comes down, so about every 2 hours. I'd seriously rather just wait until it's all over and then do one big pain in the ass run through of the whole driveway, but since I don't live entirely by myself, that's not up to me. I guess considering that I live here for free I can't really complain though. How else am I not going to be homeless in between tours? Oh well.

Today I woke up from Julia calling me because I asked her to (See above reason) and was compelled to write and record an a capella song. There aren't any words, I just opened GarageBand and recorded the one melody I had in my head, harmonized it, and just kept adding tracks/building new melodies off of it that sounded good. I think I ended up with around 12 vocal tracks. For some reason the built in mic kept peaking when I'd sing, but then later in the same track it would be too quiet. I've never recorded anything by myself in my entire life so whatever, I'm not too mad. I was supposed to go to Mike's house tonight, Sean called me and I told him I was going, and then right after telling Mike how tired I was, laid down to watch Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and passed right out. I woke up at 3(as I stated above) and saw an IM from Mike "you still need a ride?" I feel bad, I don't ever just blow people off when I tell them I'm doing something. It wasn't really my fault though, it's just the body's natural drowsiness, can't fight that. It just sucks because I flat out said that I would go over there, and then didn't show up, didn't answer IM's, and for all I know didn't answer my phone, seeing as I still can't find the damn thing. I don't want to be that guy that everyone counts on flaking out on plans.

I'm so bored right now. Energy leaves for another tour February 13th until who knows when, with BearTrap and Debaser. At least I'll be touring with some people I'm friends with/know. Then in mid March we are doing a full U.S. tour with Defeater. I will be missing Valentine's day AND Julia's birthday because of the Debaser/BearTrap tour, fantastic, I'm a piece of shit. I can't provide for anyone, not even myself, and I can't even be here for the few things that simply me being around would make other people happy. By other people I mean Julia. Aside from me being a piece of shit that is worthless to everyone, and on a more self centered note, I don't think touring will be THAT bad this time seeing as I'll be able to go to stores and know what things say, and everyone will speak English. Plus since we've been from here to Florida/California/Texas etc, multiple times now, I can think of it as revisiting some of my past, which for some reason is more comforting to me. Also, I have a MacBook this time, which means online video tour updates and video chatting with Josh and Eric (that is, if Eric doesn't come on the tour, which he probably won't want to). It's too bad that you can't get internet everywhere like on a sidekick. If that were the case I would just have a constant live feed in the van. Either way, it will be way better than before because in this day and age, having a computer/laptop helps a lot.

This is getting too long so I'm going to stop.

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