Thursday, February 19, 2009

Atlanta, GA - Johnson City, TN

I didn't get a chance to update yesterday because of either a lack of wifi, too short of a van ride to write during, or a combination of the 2. Yesterday I woke up at Luke's house in Birmingham and Me, Joe, Keith, Kizz, and Dose all went to the Whole Foods up the street, and then to the music store near there. We came back, got our belongings together, and headed towards Atlanta. This time, Luke's friend drove a seperate vehicle, and is following the rest of the tour. Dan, Mike, and Luke have been riding with him (I don't know his name), so there is a lot more room in the van now. We listened to a Bad Religion mix, a Misfits mix, some Anti-Flag, and I think a few more during the drive. It was a short drive, probably only 4 hours. I found out a little bit into the drive that in Atlanta, there was a tornado watch. I then found out after arriving at the show, that there was an 80 percent chance of a tornado. We didn't die. I went outside during the beginning of the show and talked to Julia on the phone for a while, and we discussed (or I discussed and she listened) our eventual plan of her quitting her job to come live on the road with me and the band. She is very nervous about the whole thing because unlike me, this hasn't been her plan all along and she hasn't been mentally preparing herself for this since age 14. I told her that when times are rough, they'll be rough on both of us, and that when 2 soul mates find one another, they have to do everything in their power to be with each other as often as they can during out short existence on this planet, because after this life, there is nothing else. It sounds obvious but it's a reality that I deal with every single day, as you can probably tell by now from reading this. I feel bad having her working all the time and having her money problems be HER problems. I want her problems to be OUR problems. I can't be happy on the road knowing she's back home, because then that's all I think about when I'm gone, but at the same time, I can't be happy at home knowing I could be out playing every night, so there's really only ONE way to make me truly happy in life. If I knew for a fact that she wasn't able to go with me eventually, I would lose my mind, I don't even know what I would do, I don't WANT to know what I would do. That thought is the only thing keeping me sane while I'm on tour, knowing that SOMEDAY she'll be able to join me in my travels.

After we talked on the phone, I went inside and watched Debaser play. They played Dead Kennedys' Police Truck, it was awesome. BearTrap went on, and then Energy. We played our set while I tried to not slip and fall from the leak in the ceiling. I think it was Kizz who mentioned that they had never heard us do Guilty Of Being White before, so we asked Keith if he knew it, he did, and we winged it. It went OK for the most part. Tonight's venue was in a warehouse with a raised level bathroom in the back. It was a really cool place to have shows, and definitely would be awesome if they could get a show to happen there that would pack the place.

After the show I overheard Kizz and Greggles talking about how they need singalong parts in Debaser's songs. I joined in the conversation and gave my input. I said that they can't be afraid to write an obvious chorus part and to maybe concentrate on the lyrical substance in the verses and give a generalized overview for the chorus, making it simple or repetative. I feel that's all that Debaser needs are parts to chant along to and kids will start going crazy for them. I see people saying it all the time online, that Debaser is one of the best new bands, but I think it would really show how many people like them at their shows if they would incorporate singalongs. After that, everyone got on rolling computer chairs, used jousting sticks that were in the warehouse and had people push them towards each other. It was hilarious:

After all of that, we packed up the van and headed to a hotel that someone got for us for free. We stayed in 2 seperate rooms. Some of us went on a long walk to explore the area, and then after that, we came back and went to sleep. I just woke up and took a shower, so now I'm caught up with the updates.

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