Monday, February 23, 2009

Baltimore/Day Off/Brooklyn/Wrap-Up

Sorry I didn't update, the Baltimore show was awesome, there were a lot of kids singing along, mostly to the old stuff, but that's perfectly fine by me. I spent an amazing day off with my amazing girlfriend Julia Drew, and last night we played Brooklyn, which was a little stiff and awkward BUT we sold a lot of music so that means that new people got into it, which in a way is better than a good reaction with no album sales because it means that we played to all new faces. Debaser and BearTrap had to drop off because select people in each band got sick, Kevin actually had to go to the hospital. I caught a shitty cold from it all, but nothing too serious. Jason gave me the AFI/Heckle split, and This Is Berkeley, Not West Bay, compilation which has AFI's Love Is A Many Splendored Thing ft. Tim Armstrong, pretty awesome. He also let me borrow 2 Propaghandi LPs which I still have to check out:

When I came home the morning of our day off, I walked into my room to find my Big Rig - Expansive Heart 7" that I won on ebay. I am very happy I got this:

OH BY THE WAY.......everything on my iPod got deleted this morning when I closed my MacBook and opened it again while the iPod was still plugged in....great. One hundred and something GB of music down the drain. DAMMIT. I put on make-up today for the first time this year I think. I just haven't been in the mood yet. Julia is coming over soon, and we're making pizza and watching Signs.


  1. I just remembered that there is one 7" I forgot to give ya...

    Big Rig 7" looks fantastic!