Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birmingham, Alabama

Happy Birthday Julia!!!

We're driving to Birmingham, Alabama from Gainesville, Florida. It's 3:10pm. I'm listening to Bill Hicks right now and it's distracting me from typing this..switched to Big Rig. I talked to Dan and Keith about covering their song New Fist. I think Debaser has played a new cover every night on this tour, I wish we could do that. Last night they did Territorial Pissings. I will definitely appreciate the amount of space we have to move around in the van during our next tour with Defeater because it's very cramped in here. I can't lay down to sleep, or even get comfortable slouching enough to nod off for a few minutes. Charles from Get Outta Town Records/No Harm Done brought up the possibility of a Polar Bear Club/Energy/No Harm Done tour this summer, that would be very cool. He also mentioned that he wants to do an Energy skate deck, which I've been hoping for for a while now. I am now listening to Classics Of Love, Jesse Michaels' new band, they are so good. I would love to do a tour with them, that would be incredible, not to mention intimidating, touring with Jesse Michaels.

I remember our first tour with At All Costs when Mikey D., Rob, and Assatly were in the band and Skooch did merch. I remember only a couple days into the 5 or so days I felt really homesick and was freaking out in Columbus, Ohio. Looking back, that was nothing compared to how long I've been away since then, but it was the first time, so it was scary. I was recently gone from September 30th to December 14th, coming home only for a total of like 3 days. That's all of October, November, and half of December. The thought of doing that again makes me so sad. It wouldn't make me sad if Julia was there though, it would just be a new adventure. I wish I could just enjoy what I have right now instead of being so depressed about what I don't have.

My head hurts. We still have a few more hours of driving. I wish that I didn't have such a hard time writing lyrics. The music and melody part comes easy to me, but I really have to work at lyrics, it sucks. I want to be able to have at least 2 brand new songs that we could play live if we wanted to by the Defeater tour. Like I have said before, I have that song Bleeding Grey like 80 percent done, and I want to work on this other song next. I think im going to give that a shot at some point today.

Just got to the venue, Luke's band The Recluse just started playing, and opened with Twist Of Cain. Tonight's show is at the new Cave 9. I didn't know that the old one had shut down. This place seems cool. More updates after the show.

Post Show:

The show tonight was good, we covered Nervous Breakdown even though we've never practiced it and it didn't sound all that good, but we had fun playing it. It was a very small crowd but I had a lot of fun playing. I haven't been feeling very awkward lately onstage, and I like that. We went to Al's afterward and there was basically 2 tables: the table of people trying to get laid, and the table of people not trying to get laid. No one got laid. We stayed at Luke's house and we weren't supposed to swear, but I couldn't help it.

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