Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The children run through the minefield

I just came from Mike's house, Sean was there and we worked on some more of his new song. Sean I'm going to have my own verse in the song and have parts in the chorus and stuff, I can't wait to hear how it all comes out. It sounds amazing just as an instrumental piece, too bad I'm going to be gone soon, hopefully I can get everything recorded by the time I leave and they can email me their progress.

Town Spa was good, it was the second consecutive trip where it was just me and Julia and the waitress said "how are we doing tonight ladies?" or something along those lines. I wasn't even wearing any makeup. Julia says that she thinks it's because of my hair, which is probably true. I feel bad every time that happens because I know that the person thinks that I took offense to it, when in reality, it doesn't bother me, and most of the time, I can totally understand why they would think I was a girl.

We came back to find that my DVD burning experiment was a success! I can now burn DVDs. I'm so excited. I am in the process of burning The Jerky Boys movie to DVD as I type this. Ok it's done now. This is awesome.

Jason made a rough draft for that Revelations video, we decided it needs more show variety, more footage of Bill throughout the video, and a few other things. I can't wait to see it complete.

It's 2:09, I don't want to get back on a shitty sleeping pattern so I'm going to go to sleep.

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