Friday, February 27, 2009


I went to Town Spa with Julia and Eric today, that was fun. Me and Julia went back to my moms and hung out for a while. Before she left, I picked up my ipod from Eric, I gave it to him at Town Spa to put every episode of Seinfeld on it. I now have every episode of Seinfeld. I went home and Julia drove home. I wish I had more time to hang out with her. I think a lot of the reason why I stay up all night, and sleep all day, is so that I wake up and she's home.

I don't have much to update about today. Tomorrow (today) is Friday which means Julia is staying over =) She's the best. I look forward to seeing her every single day of my life. I can't see how people stay with people for so long when their feelings have clearly faded over time. Every day that passes I love Julia more than I did the previous day. It's sad to think that a lot of people are just together to be together, and they never experience actual love. They'll never know what it feels like to be able to truly act like yourself around someone else. At no point when me and Julia are hanging out do either of us wonder what the other is thinking, or whether we should or shouldn't say something. Think about how comfortable you are in your own skin when you are completely by yourself, that's how we are in each others company. She's the best.

Purely coexist
Separate from all the rest
I am you are me

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