Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hear a new world...

I woke up today still feeling sick, and just sat around all day online, as usual. When Julia came home at around 7:30, we went to Grasshopper, it was awesome.

I am still sick, and it sucks. I want to get all of my books and CDs out of storage tomorrow. I hope Julia will want to as well. I'm currently putting all of my CDs onto my MacBook so that I can start building my collection back up. I wish I just had a registration key code for Senuti, then I could just copy Julia's iPod, which for the most part, has everything that my iPod had before it got deleted.

Me, Josh, and Eric are doing a BlogZine called "Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes" (Clearly after the AFI album. Check it out here:

Me and Kemper have decided to have a daily lyric battle. At 5pm we will exchange our daily writings, followed by critiquing, and constructive criticism. This will help us both become better writers.

I found a song that Bill Hicks wrote and recorded. Apparently he has an entire album coming out soon.

I wish that I could exist completely on my own. It sounds selfish, but if I just lived in my own world, with no relationship to anyone, there would never be stress, or worry. No one would ever judge me, because I am everyone. Every problem that I've ever have/had exists/existed because of SOMEONE ELSE. In my world I may do things that aren't to your liking, but that won't matter, because my world is entirely different than yours, a completely parallel dimension, separate from everything that you have ever known. Anything that I can think of right now that would be a problem, is because of someone else. I'm convinced that the less people I have in my life, the happier I'll be. I truly believe that. I love Julia and the few friends that I have, but I never want to have a long term involvement with anyone ever again. Just think about it, what has been stressing you out lately that couldn't be solved by complete solitude? It's always someone coming down on you for something. I could make a list that would go on for days of things like these, but I won't even begin. Even writing this, I feel like the people that are reading it are either going to think I'm a dick, tell me that I sound mean, or something, but there it is right there: someone else becoming MY problem. Again, it sounds selfish, and maybe it is, but I don't think so, because it's a way for all human beings to become truly happy, and that's the furthest thing from selfish if you ask me.

Lead me to the other side

The place where all the others hide

When brilliant stars and worlds collide

My new born world will be my guide

Beneath this veil I'll cry no more

My tears knot up a swelling door

Vacant seas left to explore

For there is no land beyond the shore


  1. GO TO DOWNLOAD.COM and download this program called Yamipod (I believe its called).
    After you install it, open iTunes and make sure you turn off the autosync option before you plug in the iPod you want to pull all the music off of. If you forget to do it that iPod will be wiped clean.

    Plug in the iPod and open the program and youll be able to rip all the music off of it.
    That program rescued my music from the iPod through 3 computer crashes over the years

  2. "" - Thank you very much for your help, but I can't find the program, I'll keep looking for it though.

    Eric - I actually laughed out loud at that.