Sunday, February 15, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

Right now we are driving to my number one favorite place to play on tour, Charleston, South Carolina. I just hope that its as fun, if not more fun than all the other times we've played there. I wish I could eat better when im on tour, all I eat is pasta, yogurt, cliff bars, junk food at gas stations and Bolthouse tea drinks. We listened to Last Wave Rockers/Thief In A Sleeping Town twice in the van today, and Famous Monsters is now coming to an end. Dose took some songs off of my ipod to make mixes to listen to in the van. It's fun touring with a bunch of friends, but I wish it was just us in the van, and everyone else took separate vans. Im sure they feel the same way to, its pretty cramped. I can't stop thinking about Robert's place in Burbank, California. It's strange to think about how long we've already known him. Rob was in the band when we first met him in Virginia. I know for a fact touring is different for me now, because this is the first time I've ever been looking forward to visiting a place that im familiar with. The week that we stayed there last summer was incredible. I loved walking on Sunset Boulevard with everyone and hanging out at Robert's listening to Bad Religion and watching the Punk O' Rama DVD that he has. I can't wait to be in Burbank again, this time my brother will be there and it will definitely be a lot more fun. We are now listening to an Anti-Flag mix and A New Kind Of Army just played, Got The Numbers now. I love good punk music. There just aren't any bands doing it like these bands anymore. Classics Of Love is my current favorite band. I'm at least happy about that. It's just discouraging to think that the only people making good music are musicians who are already well known. Whatever, im not going into this topic again. I can't wait to play tonight. I told Kemper that I'd help him write some songs when I get home. That should be fun. Julia has been at Doctor Dickerman's house watching her dogs all weekend. I wish I could have gone there and hung out with her instead of being stuck in a van all weekend, it would have been just like when we lived together in our old apartment. I really miss that place. I get tears in my eyes and that heavy feeling in my chest EVERY time I think about it, including right now.

I just realized that I haven't talked to Jere in a while, maybe I'll give him a call soon. I don't know how people drift apart like that. One day you realize that you've been hanging out with someone on a daily basis, and then the next day you won't see them, then the next, and so forth, and the next thing you know, you haven't seen them in 6 months at least. This has happened to me with a lot of people not just him. I just said him because he was the first name that came to mind. I remember picking him up for his meetings and listening to Rollins Band, particularly the song There's A Man Outside. We would go to my apartment all the time and hang out on my balcony and in the apartment watching movies and stuff. It was awesome. I don't hang out with anyone anymore, it makes me sad. I don't have any friends (besides Julia, but I mean guy friends) that I can call up and have come over and just watch movies, listen to music, talk, go get food, and do all the things that friends do. I don't even have my own place to do that, and I don't feel comfortable going to Al's anymore, which is also why I don't see Eric much these days. This is probably another reason why I don't mind tour so much this time, I'm not leaving anything else behind besides Julia. I mean that in the sense that I would just be sitting around in my room at my mom's and not seeing anyone besides Julia anyway, so I might as well do SOMETHING. Again, I just wish that Julia could go. I also miss hanging out with Josh all the time, I'm glad that he's doing something with his life and having fun and all, I just miss hanging out all the time in Stoughton, listening to music, going for walks, and again, all the things that good friends do together. I just miss having people that I can hang out with alone and be close to. I guess I am a pretty lonely person. At least I have Julia though, she is my best friend in the world. The 2 good things though are 1. Eric is coming on the Defeater tour, which I couldn't be more excited about. And 2. Josh has said multiple times recently that he is going to have down time from touring with Four Year Strong, and that he wants to come on tour with us this summer on whatever tour we end up doing. That will be AWESOME. So at least I have those things to look forward to. Writing all of this has passed the time during this drive pretty well, we're only like an hour away from Charleston now. It felt really good to write all of that out for some reason, this thing can be very therapeutic.

Lost Equipment update:

Someone posted something in a lost and found somewhere about finding a guitar in New Jersey. They said to email them with a very detailed description, and they'd return the guitar if it matched. We are certain that its one of ours, but don't know who yet. Ill keep you updated as usual. Ok as I finished typing that, someone called and it's Dan's guitar. So now Energy got both of our lost guitars back. We still lost some records, but this makes things a LOT better for us. The guy also just said that the guitar is still in tune. This is awesome.

7:22 PM

I'm at the venue, it's a skatepark, pretty cool place. Assatly fell down the ramp while sitting on a smaller ramp. Before I forget, at a truck stop Keith pointed this out to me:

Unbelievable. That's the south for you.

There is wifi at this venue, I'm happy about that. There's nothing else to really update with for right now, we haven't played yet. I will write in this about how the show went after it happens.

Post show:

Possibly the best show we've ever played on tour. It was unreal. Charleston, South Carolina is the best. It's like the rest of the world has no idea we exist, except here. We're at the apartment that we're staying at and we're making pasta and cake soon. My iChat isn't working, Eric wanted to video chat again, I'm pissed. There should be pictures and video of tonight's show up soon. I don't even know what to say, SO many people knew all the words to our songs. Keith said it was the best show he's ever played and that's saying something considering how long he's been playing shows for a LONG time with various bands.

Tomorrow we play Orlando, Florida.


  1. I've been listening to quite a bit of A-F lately. I've been listening to A-F and Propagandhi albums side by side all day. Propagandhi > Anti-Flag. GET INTO IT! How to Clean Everything is one of the best punk albums ever.

    You guys really lucked out with those guitars.