Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've got an urge to kill...

Well, after a lot of driving, someone called Joe and said that they had his guitar. I think hes getting it Friday. They got his number because Joe left his contact info in the case. Its nice to see someone actually be a good human being for once. We played a punk show tonight in Roanoke Virginia. A lot of people were very rude and obnoxious. I didn't like it. Its OK though, we seemed to do alright in merch. Were still at the show actually, and I'm watching a really bad band play, I don't know what their name is. I want to go to wherever it is that were going to sleep and eat food. This band won't fucking stop playing. The bass player is dressed in a bunny costume, and I'm pretty sure they're all drunk out of their minds. I hate being around drunk people, its so uncomfortable. I think the band just said that their name was "The Screws". Tonight we played; Invasions, Hunter Red, Keep The Change, 400, Lost And Found, Streetlights, Last Caress, Astro Zombie, and Knowledge. I just found out that there is a Kroger right near where we are staying. During our set, stupid punkers were throwing change at the ground at us because we're "hardcore kids" and we should pick up the change. Also some girl yelled "You suck" during the break in Last Caress. The aforementioned people are hilarious people that by no means do I ever wish death upon.

We're at the house we're staying at. I think we're making pasta in a minute. I also think we're watching Jumanji in a little bit too. I'm waiting for Eric to come back from being away so that we can do a video chat.

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  1. I'm really happy to hear that someone called Joe about the guitar.

    Playin' quite a few covers each night, eh?

    The change thing is hilarious. UP TEH CLICHE PUNX.