Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

Well it's 7 AM, and I'm still awake, I fell asleep not too long after Julia came over and I woke up as she was leaving. I feel really bad because she just stayed in my room for like 3 hours watching TV and kept trying to wake me up to hang out with her, but it didn't work. I spent the whole day before I fell asleep cleaning and organizing my room. I had to throw a lot of trash out and clean a lot of dust off of things. I also hung up my Misfits clock right above my computer. I'm pretty hungry right now and I have a headache, so I'll probably eat soon in an attempt to alleviate the headache. I must have a pretty boring life if these are the type of things I'm documenting. Julia should be coming here any minute now to catch a ride to work with my mom.

Julia found these online:

On October 1st 1993 Bill Hicks' pre-recorded appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman was cut from the show. Hicks wrote a 39 page letter expressing his feelings of betrayal to John Lahr of The New Yorker, and never appeared on the show again. Bill Hicks died 5 months later of pancreatic cancer on February 26 2004. From what I've come to understand the 2 were not on good terms when Bill died. I thought it was really nice that he invited Bill's mother on to the show and publicly admitted that he was entirely at fault for what happened on October 1st 1993. The 3rd video is Bill's routine that was cut, being shown in it's entirety for the first time ever. If you think about it, David Letterman didn't have to do that. I feel that although too late, it was a sincere apology, because it's not like there's mass demand for a Bill Hicks memorial special. Letterman could have had any guest he wanted on the show and decided to try and make amends as much as he could. He had to have gone out of his way to make that happen. Most of the people watching that show probably didn't even know who Bill Hicks was, so it's not like David was trying to make himself not look like a bad guy to his audience, because again, most of them probably didn't know who Bill was, or knew anything about the incident. If anything, he made himself look worse by bringing public attention to the matter. In the book I have about Bill it says quite a bit about how evil it was for them to censor him like that, and has the whole routine typed out. It was a big deal back then and potentially could have given Bill a big break. The show was aired on January 30th 2009, the same night Energy played that show in Haverhill. Had I known it was happening then, I would have tried to see it "live", but once again, youtube saves the day.

After me and Julia watched those videos, I laid down and accidentally passed out, and like I said above this, left Julia all alone. I still feel bad. When I woke up I did some work on the Energy blog. I changed the URL to, and added a few things including a video from Friday night's show in Haverhill.

I didn't really do much else since my last update. I have to make a deposit at the bank for Julia before I go to sleep. I wish we could be together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for the rest of our lives. In all the time we've been together I've never felt like I needed space, needed some alone time, or anything like that. One of the many, many, things that lets me know we'll be together forever.


Don't forget to watch Groundhog Day today!

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