Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today was pretty eventful for me, maybe not eventful to someone else, but for me I did a lot. I woke up, picked Julia up at work, and we went to Grasshopper with Josh. After that we stopped by Wal-Mart and bought Sweeney Todd, Dodgeball, Silence Of The Lambs, and Thank You For Smoking. We watched Thank You For Smoking and I fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up at midnight and went to Mike's(where I took the picture shown above) to watch him and Sean record. I will be doing some singing on the songs, it should be fun. The music that comes out of that basement when Mike and Sean get together is unlike anything I've ever heard. There's a certain mood that is captured that I've never heard anywhere else. I like when certain studios,recordings, etc. have a unique sound. Here is a link to a VERY old recording that Sean did with Mike when we all still worked at the Sinai: It's 5 minutes long but it carries itself well. I miss working there in a way, it was always hilarious, but after Mike and Sean left, it was never the same. Rob worked there the whole time I did but still, nothing could touch how FUCKING hilarious it was when Sean worked there. Oh well, enough reminiscing, Mike let me borrow his acoustic so that I can attempt to write songs tomorrow, hopefully I don't just get lazy and forget about it. I've been really convinced lately that I can finally sit down and write a song by myself. I've never done that, just written an entire song on my own. I guess I'm just not that good of a guitarist, but I'm going to practice and try to get better. I learned a new chord from Sean last week, I think it's E Dominant 7th or something. I just get so discouraged at the thought of learning new chords and stuff. I will remember the chords and everything, it's just learning to make a transition into that chord come naturally and without struggle is the hard part. I get so much satisfaction knowing I write the stuff that I do for Energy, it must only feel better knowing I wrote an entire song on my own. I basically wrote Invasions (the song) all on my own, but it's extremely repetitive(because it's an intro), and it's an instrumental. My goal is to write an entire song on the acoustic guitar with melodies and lyrics, completely on my own. I think I can do it. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and once it's done, I'll record it and post it on my "solo" artist page that I made specifically for this, which was created in attempt to shove myself into a creative mood.

Other than that though, I don't think I did much else today, I have to go pick up Julia at her moms house in a few minutes so that she can drive into work with my mom. While we were at Grasshopper I thought of a funny/awesome shirt design for Energy's upcoming tour, and by the time I got home to my computer, Josh had created it in photoshop and emailed it to me, this is it:

I think it's awesome. What are your thoughts? I'd like to have it printed on a shirt that exact color, but I doubt that will happen. What will probably end up happening is we will have the shirt made, but it will be on white(which actually wouldn't look so bad), and the print will be WAY to small, as usual, and certain colors will be missing, overall ruining the whole thing. I am not even trying to sound negative here, that ALWAYS happens with every shirt we've ever had printed up, something goes wrong. This time though, I'm going to try and be as specific as possible, because I wasn't too specific with all of our other shirts we've had printed, so it's probably just my fault. Joe has been writing songs like crazy, he has like 3 more that he's sending me soon, he says they sound like Nerve Agents/Son Of Sam-esque, which is really cool. We have like 20 songs already for a new cd, who knows how many we'll have by the time we are ready to record. I just need to get on the ball with writing vocals. I probably wrote this in a previous entry, but it's an ongoing problem, so it will be an ongoing topic in this blog until I start doing something about it. I actually started recording the vocals for Bleeding Grey on GarageBand, but the levels are so hard to figure out(for a beginner at least) that the verses are too loud and the chorus is too quiet, eh whatever, I'll figure it out sooner or later, it's not like these are professional recordings anyway, they're just demos. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and attempt to write a song with Mike's guitar. I also need to see if Julia will take me to buy strings for MY acoustic guitar. Maybe she'll leave me some money to go get them while she's working....hmmm. Well it's 6:46, I should wrap this up so I can get ready to go pick up Julia.

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