Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just got back from Mike's house, and now I'm bored again. My brother just sent me a link that lists Energy as one of the top 10 hardcore bands to check out, that's pretty neat, even though I am not sure if we're exactly a "hardcore" band, but whatever, I'll take it.

Here's the link:

Seems like some of the folks on the B9 board don't care for us too much, oh well, I called that one. When we posted our very first demo in April of 2006 on that board, a lot of people said that they liked it a lot. When I saw the positive comments, I said to everyone, "don't worry, we'll be the cool thing to hate before you know it." It's fine though. I try not to read public opinions, reviews, or anything like that involving the music that I make because if they're saying bad things, then you could potentially start to believe them, and then start to modify your future art accordingly. If they are praising you, then you might start believing that you are awesome, and that you don't need to pour your heart and soul out anymore in order to have people like your art. Both of those are pretty frightening, so I will stick to the only non damaging option and avoid it at all costs. I am absolutely fine with people not liking us though, because I am a sane rational human being that can accept the fact that not everyone is going to like everything I do. People mistake expressing opinions for shit talking all of the time, its pretty dumb. Everyone should be allowed to say "I really hate Energy's music, they just don't do anything for me" or "I don't believe that there is any passion behind this band whatsoever", as much as they should be allowed to say "good dudes, they worked hard". I honestly think that when I read some of the positive comments people leave about us, I get MORE offended than if they told us that we sucked. I'll take a constructive, thought out, negative comment over an empty, repetitive, mindless praising compliment any day.

Well either way, I thought it was pretty cool that we are on a top 10 list somewhere as a band to check out. Hopefully that list will get spread around on the internet a lot and a few new people will get into us.

Today me and Julia went to Whole Foods and we got pizza stuff, Donut holes, cookies, pudding, muffins, ice cream, and a lot more stuff. I am pretty happy about that. She slept over and is still asleep. I have yet to go to sleep and it's almost 7 am. I have been listening to White Zombie a lot lately. I just figured that I'd mention that. I didn't write for me and Jon's daily poetry/lyric slam-sesh tomorrow, oh well, I won't be online much anyway seeing as my uncle, who I haven't seen in like 13 YEARS is coming over all day tomorrow, so I doubt I'll even get a chance to talk to him. Speaking of that, I don't know what time he plans on coming over, but I've been going to sleep between 7 and 10 am, and waking up between 3 and 5 pm. That should be intersting.

My brother just sent me Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I am burning it to DVD right now. Julia is going in to work at around 9 am, and is coming home like 4 hours later. I wonder if she's coming over after work to meet my uncle. I also wonder if Eric will be there too. I never think of things like these until people are asleep. I wonder what my uncle will be like. Anyone that I haven't seen in 10 years or more might as well be a complete stranger at this point, so I might as well be meeting my mom's brother for the first time in my life. I just hope that he isn't an asshole. I hope that he's not one of those people that thinks its funny to "jokingly" poke fun at the things about me that are different. I hope there is just a lot of friendly conversation, and the very predictable talk of when I was "this" little, etc. I hope it doesn't turn into him giving me shit about not eating meat or something. That's what it always turns into. That, or some topic that I'm against, that they just HAVE to let me know they disagree with me on. Even if he's the biggest asshole on the planet to me, I just have to laugh everything off because he's a relative. Whatever, I just hope its not TOO awkward.

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No lyrics/poetry today =(

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  1. Your music sucks and theres no passion behind the band or the music whatsoever. It just doesn't do anything for me and I dont see why it does anything for anyone whatsoever.
    Ha. j/k

    But in all seriousness Jason told me about your band a while ago when he had first started listenin to you and I put off having him give me the Invasions album. Had him send it to me the other day and it has a great sound. Normally I dont listen to too much punk music, I listen to mostly metal, and I regret not getting the album a few months ago. You guys have alot of talent and hope your band takes off to a higher stage real soon.
    BTW heard about the whole losing both iPods music. My bad. Did you forget to turn off the auto sync in iTunes because that might be what did you in.