Monday, March 30, 2009

Dallas, Texas

Sorry I haven't update this in a while, I haven't had much time to, but that's no excuse to not be writing in my Sidekick's notes section and importing it to this later. The shows have been going pretty good, last night was kind of weird though. It was a huge venue and not a lot of people were there, which never goes over that well. We played on the floor that had a weak spot in it. There were 2 kids that came up to me after the show and expressed how much they like Energy. One of them even told me that we are his favorite current hardcore band. Awesome.

Here are a couple of videos of us in Tampa, Florida on March 26th:

During this set I remember being hit extremely hard in the face during Invasions. My jaw still hurts from it.

We are in Dallas, Texas right now and the venue we're playing is unnecessarily big for the show that is taking place here tonight. We don't draw enough to pack vfw halls, so I don't see why we would be playing a 1,000 capacity place. 1,000 capacity is what it looks like at least.

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