Thursday, March 26, 2009

Orlando, Florida - Charles'

I'm at Charles' house in Orlando Florida right now, as you can see in the title. Today was an off day and I didn't really do much besides walk around the area. There isn't really much to update about right now. The show in Jacksonville was alright. There weren't a lot of people there, and a couple people knew the words, but my overall favorite part was how good it felt to play. I felt like I hit most of the notes I was going for, which is unlike most nights. I don't know where we're playing tomorrow. I know it's in Florida though.

Julia ordered my wireless card so that I'll have internet in the van, and it's being sent to Luke's house in Alabama. So with that I will hopefully be able to update more often. I'm burning Haggard right now. I don't like the weather when it's this hot and sunny. Not to mention the humidity.

It's much easier to update Twitter when I'm touring. It's so quick, all I have to do is send a text to Twitter with the update and it posts. Constant brief awesome.

Alright I'm done with this update.

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