Tuesday, March 24, 2009

South Carolina

I'm at Tanya's house in South Carolina making pasta right now. Last night's show was cool, it was in Wilmington North Carolina and everyone stood on the stage when Defeater and Energy played so that it was less awkward. We stayed at Garrett's house and he let me copy Children of the Corn 2, which he is actually in, and another movie that I can't remember the name of. We watched Wrong Turn 2 with Henry Rollins and that was hilarious. We played South Carolina tonight and we were not let down. My favorite place to play on tour. Tonight someone told me that they are getting "please heaven wash over me" tattooed on their collar bone. I hugged him immediately. I saw Eric holding a video camera so I think he got some of the set. I'll post it when it's up. The cops came and told us that without some certain license, we couldn't sell anything. So in our most popular spot on tour, we weren't allowed to sell anything. Fucking stupid. I don't really have anything else to update about right now. I need to pay attention to the pasta I'm cooking.

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