Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Since I left, I went on tour, am now on my 4th day of that. The first show in Holyoke was good except for the fact that half the people left before we played. We covered Guilty of Being White. I could barely finish the set because of how little exercise I've gotten in the last 2 months. Here is the flyer for that show:

And here is a video from that show:

The second show, Poughkeepsie New York was really cool. There was a bunch of people that knew the words to the songs. Here is the flyer for that show:

The following night was Long Island NY and it was awesome as well. Jason and his friends came out along with a bunch more people.

Group picture we took (Stolen from Jason's blog):

There were people singing along the whole time and I sweated my ass off playing. It was a great show. We stayed at Keith's 2 nights in a row and we are currently driving to New Jersey. We stopped at a record store before we left and I picked up the following things:

I'm at Mij's house now, the same place where we lost the guitars during the Debaser/Beartrap tour. The show tonight was really cool, my brother taped it, so here it is:

Here's the flyer for the Long Island show:

And here's the video:

Energy @ VP South 3/17/09 from Chris Albin on Vimeo.

We only have a 1 hour drive to Philly tomorrow, so we are hitting up Gavinda's (Spelling?) before the show. It's 3:21 AM and I don't feel like typing any more.

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