Saturday, March 21, 2009

West Virginia

Sorry I look so bad. It's a post-show picture, what do you expect?

03-19-09 on

I'm going to try to do those more often.

I wrote this during the drive today:

Last night's show in Philly was really good. It was a basement show and a lot of people sang along. It seems that this is the first tour where people are actually coming out to see us. The fact that people have been singing along every single night has me in a really good mood lately. We covered Guilty of Being White and I Turned Into A Martian. Nick from Charleston was there and we stayed at his house last night. He lives in PA now. His dog pissed all over Keith's blankets. I also got some Bob Dylan albums from Nick.

I'm pretty bored right now, we just stopped and I got some wafers for 71 cents. This girl Lindsay said she'd do make up for me whenever I want, whether it be for promo pics or a big show. I can't wait to take her up on that because she's really good. I want to do more theatric/dramatic things like that, stage props, things like that. I love it when bands do things like that.

I need to get in better shape too. I've been doing push ups every morning.

Post show:

The show tonight was really good. Every show has been awesome so far. The crowd reacted the best to 400. We're at Ben and Kate's house in West Virginia. We stayed here last time for a few days so it's good to revisit old memories, I just hope that the large crowd that's here doesn't stay over so that we can have more room to sleep. It's not that big of a deal. I don't really feel like updating too much right now. That's a big reason why I write my updates on the van rides during the day, because once the night comes, I'm generally too mentally exhausted to sit and write out a detailed description of the day.

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