Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BRIEF Tour Summary

Ok. I just toured the country again. I'd say this time was my favorite. Finally our new songs are overall more popular than our older songs. This is only somewhat important to me for these 2 specific albums because of the fact that PTC was written by someone who is no longer in the band. IOTM was written by someone who is, and hopefully always will be in the band. I don't really care too much whether people like our next album more or less than IOTM because it's the same songwriters and we just tried something new. I HOPE they like it better, but it won't suck nearly as bad as if we could never live up to our debut release. I guess what I mean is, even if we go nowhere but down in popularity, at least I know that the people CURRENTLY in the band wrote our most popular material. Of course on certain nights the crowd reacted better to PTC songs, but we're never going to win over EVERYONE. We close with 400 now and it gets the best reaction by far.

I wish I updated this thing more often when I was on tour. I don't know why, but this time I wasn't very motivated at all to keep any form of a journal while on tour besides constant Twitter updates. I like Twitter a lot, as anyone who knows me can tell. It's the most convienent, up to date way to keep a journal online. I send a text, and it's posted online. It must suck for anyone who doesn't have a full keyboard on their phone though.

I'm not even going to talk about tour really until I can get a list of the dates with brief descriptions from Joe or someone to refresh my memory about each specific show. What I am going to talk about is how much fun I've been having the past few days that I've been home. Julia picked me up at Metalfest and it was awesome to see her. I don't get happy to the point where I'm just smiling out of happiness unless I'm around her. I truly feel like a part of me is missing every minute we spend apart. We went back to my Mom's house and watched movies. The next day, we went to Grasshopper and stayed at a hotel. It was a really, really nice hotel with a jacuzzi and everything. Not much has really happened since I've been home, but it's very nice seeing Julia every day. Also, I've been listening to The Misfits a lot lately.

I drove Eric to Cape Cod today to hang out with some girl. Amazingly, I didn't get lost on the way back. When I got back I made pizza and waited for Julia to get home. We watched Jeepers Creepers 2 together and then she went home.

I might go to Mike's after I finish this entry because I have a song that I want to record with him. It's just instruments for now, but I will add vocals as I write them. I wish I was one of those songwriters who can just pump out large volumes of music. Whether it's 75 percent good and 25 percent bad, I wouldn't care, I just want a lot of music coming out of me either way. I need to stop typing now or I will get too distracted and I won't end up going to Mike's.


Pardon me for looking terrible in my picture, but that's me right now, very unkempt.

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