Thursday, May 28, 2009


I look terrible in this picture, but hey, it is what it is I guess.

This is a video from May 10th, 2008 that I didn't even know Eric filmed until I just saw it on my computer:

The last thing I said in the video was a reference to the scene at 7:24 in this video:

I wish I just never said it so that I wouldn't have had to explain it.

As you can see, recording vocals with Mike Rendini is a slow, grueling process, but the end result is so pleasing that it's worth all the frustration.

Tomorrow, I leave for the 5 day tour with The Wonder Years. I am looking forward to this for many reasons, most of which I already talked about in my last entry, but I'll add that I am especially happy that Joe is going on this tour. I'll just leave it at that I guess.

I didn't do much today. I sat around and waited for Julia to get out of work, and when she did, we went to Grasshopper. After that she went home and I drove Eric to Cape Cod.

I urge everyone to add my friend Robert's studio's page on Myspace. NO CONTROL STUDIOS. Energy and/or Children Of The Night will surely end up recording some material there some time, hopefully soon.

It's 2:43 am right now and I need to be at Dan's by noon to head out on the tour. I should probably go to sleep now.

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