Sunday, May 10, 2009

We're friends, and because of that, your band is good.

What he says at 1:54 couldn't be more relevant today:

"But they're good dudes"? Fuck You.

So you're telling me that because you were nice to me during our few encounters that I am expected to support and/or like your band now? Nope. I'm not one for generalized public posts like this, but since this isn't directed at any individual band or person, I can't just say it to that one person or band. It seems to happen every single day.

Statements like "I don't like their band, but they're good dudes so good for them" are bullshit. If my friend starts a band, and his/her band writes music that I don't like, I'm not going to give it my stamp of approval. If they start let's say...oh I don't know, A SKATEBOARD company, yes I am going to support them, because I don't have anything against skateboarding. I do however have something against bad music, and if I think your band is bad, I'm NOT going to tell everyone to go check out your songs, or that you're an "amazing" band. At the same time though, I'm not saying that any time you don't like a band, you have to go and publicly announce your dislike for them, because sometimes it's just mean and uncalled for, but stop making musical recommendations based on the personalities within a band. There are plenty of people that I really like as people, but don't like their band. There are also plenty of bands that I really like, that have some bad people in them. AND THAT'S OK. In the past I have actually brought up a band that I like and someone interrupts me and tells me that they can't believe I like that band because of what a certain individual did to someone they know. I'm sorry, I forgot that I'm supposed to like bands based on how this weeks episode of the underground music scene's soap opera turned out. If a band sounds good, I listen to it. If not then I don't. But then again, I'm forgetting that most people don't actually listen to music nowadays. If I met any of my favorite bands and they weren't "good dudes" to me...Oh well. I will always like their music the same way that I always have.

Here's an interesting scenario:

Let's say that you are a fan of the music that I make. An Energy fan/COTN fan, whatever. LET'S JUST SAY... I walk up to you, call you a piece of shit, run over your dog, and steal all of your money. I do this knowing very well that you are an avid listener of the music that I make. Are you still an Energy/COTN fan? If your answer was "No fucking way", "Not a chance", or any variation of "No", then you never liked us to begin with. Because what I just did to you didn't change the fact that you identified with lyrics I've written, It didn't magically change any of the melodies that I wrote into ones that you don't like, and it sure as FUCK shouldn't make any difference whatsoever as to whether or not you enjoy my music...because it LITERALLY CAN'T make that difference. What was actually happening all along was that you never liked us to begin with, that's all.


If you took any of this the wrong way, good. You are probably one of the thousands of idiots out there that this entry is directed towards.

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