Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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"I’m updating this because I made it yesterday and knowing that there’s nothing on it yet is driving me insane. Tonight I plan on hanging out with Jullia, doing some yoga, going for a jog, and recording. I will probably do all of that except go for a jog. I want to, but I probably won’t have time. Energy has a show tomorrow in some random town in MA at some skatepark, that should be cool I guess, seeing as we don’t play at home that much anymore.

I’m probably going to sync this up with a lot of the time, but I will be blogging while on-the-go with this more often because of the Tumblr Bot for AIM that Tumblr offers. However many characters AIM allows you to send in one IM is how long of an update I can make from my sidekick. I can also make updates with unlimited characters with the email-update option, so I might do that sometimes as well. I know that nobody cares, I just find these things really cool and interesting, and I am obsessed with the idea of documenting my life online.

I just got out of the shower and I should probably start getting ready for my somewhat of a busy night."

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