Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, it's 4:47 am and I'm still awake. I only say this because I have to start flipping my sleeping patter back around so that I'm no longer nocturnal because of the upcoming Canadian tour that Energy is doing. We leave Thursday and have a show in Buffalo, New York Thursday night. It's Wednesday morning, and I'm still awake...ughh. Whatever, I do this every time and it never seems to phase me too much because I'm always too nervous and stressed out about touring for exhaustion to catch up with me. I won't be able to use my sidekick while I'm in Canada because of dumb ass international charges. I won't even be able to Tweet. How the fuck will I get through this? I guess I'll just have to listen to my headphones and maybe even read some. I just recently started in on reading Henry Rollins' "A Dull Roar" again. I started reading it in November/December while I was in Europe but I never finished it. I started in on it again last night, only to break my last pair of reading glasses tonight. I hope I can get some before I leave. I can barely even read what I'm typing right now, I'm not joking. If I didn't know what I just typed, I wouldn't be able to read any of this.

I talked to Josh today and he said that he'll press the Children Of The Night album on "Bloodlust Records" some time this Fall/Winter. It will be on 12" Vinyl and will come with a digital download. There will be a T-Shirt/Vinyl Pre-Order deal as well. It will have 11 songs and the track list is as follows (but not in this exact order):

01. In The Graveyard
02. I Killed Your Boyfriend
03. Ghoul Like You
04. Route 44
05. The Messenger
06. I'm Gonna Kill You
07. I Play For Keeps
08. Demon In Disguise
09. I Remember You
10. Born On The Day Of The Dead
11. Weird Town

We're aiming for an Energy/Children Of The Night tour (so basically just Energy featuring Mike Rendini) at some point to promote the record. Since we're recording it ourselves, it saves everyone on recording costs, which I believe is usually the most expensive part of pressing a record. Mike didn't save any of the old recordings as .wav files, and we obviously want zero quality loss when pressing it to vinyl, so we have to re-record all of them. I don't mind too much except for "The Messenger" because all the other songs were recorded so long ago and Mike got way better at recording since then. I just wish he had "The Messenger" in .wav because that came out fine for the most part. I just came home from recording "I'm Gonna Kill You" at Mike's a little while ago. Overall a pretty productive/positive day in the world of Children Of The Night.

My goal for today is to wake up fairly early, hopefully getting between 4-6 hours of sleep, and do all my laundry, pack up for tour, etc. Julia and I are having a "beauty day" as well. We'll be getting our hair cut and our nails and eyebrows done. We're also going to Grasshopper, which is always awesome. Even though we go like once or twice a week, I still love going there, I don't care. Hopefully after all this is done, I will be tired enough to fall asleep at a decent enough hour due to my lack of sleep tonight, and be fully rested to start in on our first Canadian tour of 2009.

Tuesday was Julia and I's 7 year anniversary. I won't write an enormous paragraph or anything, but we didn't really do anything that's much different from what we usually do when we're together. We hung out, went to Grasshopper, and reminisced about the past. I think that kind of shows just how close we really are because neither of us cared that we couldn't afford to go away or anything like that. It would have been nice, but it was an amazing day anyway because it was spent with each other. We're now going on 8 years.

Purely coexist
Separate from all the rest
I am you are me

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