Thursday, July 30, 2009

As far as I'm concerned, it's Autumn now...

Busy day today

Julia bought me this today

Today I woke up, sat around for a while, and waited for Julia to come home so we could go get her oil changed/my external hard drive/go to Whole Foods. We ended up going to Bertucci's for dinner which was awesome. We went back to my house and watched Curb Your Enthusiasm for a while and then I drove her home. After that, I went to Mike's and we traded videos and music on our hard drives. Not much to write about, but it was a pretty fun day all around.

I'm copying all of my music from my iPod to my HD right now. It's taking so long, probably around 6 hours. I don't really have much more to update about, but I at least wanted to write something in this.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here is my real head

Ok. I haven't made a decent update in over a month, so I'm going to try to start making updates on somewhat of a regular basis again.

I'm back from tour and spending every possible minute I can with Julia and of course it's awesome. Tonight we are going to see Rancid in Boston. I don't think I've ever seen Rancid besides the 2 times I saw them at Warped Tour, but in my opinion, seeing a band at Warped Tour doesn't really count as seeing a band because the set is always abbreviated, and it's the complete opposite of an intimate setting. If only I saw them with A.F.I. like 10 years ago when I had the chance. There are so many shows I regret not going to. My number 1 probably being when A.F.I./SAMHAIN/DANZIG came through. Why the FUCK would I miss that? I am an idiot that's why. Whatever.

We started recording the Children Of The Night full length before I left for the Debaser tour. 1 song is finished vocally and we are in the middle of another one. I came up with the idea of recording a basic guitar track for all the songs, and just go down the line and knock each song out vocally first, because that's the most arduous part of the whole recording process, so why not get it out of the way. That's usually how we record anyway, but I think if we have basics all laid out and ready to go, it will give us more incentive to finish vocals.

I am getting my external hard drive tomorrow night. I can't wait. 1 Terabyte of whatever the hell I want. Right now I'm just waiting for 6:30 to roll around so that we can go see Rancid. I've been keeping up with cleaning my room and keeping it organized. It looks good. I found an old Misfits and an old A.F.I. poster that I hung up too.

My life is pretty boring when I'm home, but I like it that way.

OH! I almost forgot, the show Saturday in Worcester was awesome, as you can see from the pictures in my last update. I really thought that perhaps people in MA were losing interest in Energy, but I guess not. :) We headlined the upstairs Palladium and there were a lot of people watching our set. It was the kind of show that reminded me that if the 14 year old Jason Tankerley could have looked into the future and caught a glimpse of what he would be doing at the age of 24, he would have probably cried from joy. I got that same feeling the last time we played South Carolina too. I guess my life's not so bad, but I'm sure I'll find something to complain about before the end of the day.

I think I'm going to update this more frequently with smaller things too, just to keep the updates coming. Whether it be a sentence or 2, a video, a link, etc. Not necessarily a quantity over quality type of situation, but just an overall increase in updates.

I'm going to go clean my room now.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Worcester Fest

The first 3 pictures were taken by, and the rest by

More in this update coming soon.