Friday, August 7, 2009

I don't like many people

It's 8:23 AM and I should be asleep.

I woke up today, hung out with Julia for a while and went to Target. After that we moved her mattress into storage for some complicated reason that I don't feel like typing out. I dropped her off at home and went home. While I was home I decided to put up Halloween decorations around my room while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, Halloween decorations in August.

As I was finishing that, Matt called to see when I was going to Mike's, so I went. Mike and I did yoga, but Matt sat it out because he'd been up for days on end and didn't have the strength to do it. After doing yoga I went out to my car to grab the protein that I had in there and being the moron that I am, I locked my keys in my car. I called Julia and had her leave her extra key in her mailbox so that I could walk there and get it. So, the 3 of us walked all the way from Mike's to Julia's and back. It took around 2 hours total, maybe more. On our way back a cop stopped us and asked what we were doing, what our names/address' were, etc. When we told him, he started getting all weird and telling us that we don't even know where we're going....Yes. After a little bit he got out of the car and accusingly said "THAT'S A LONG WAY TO WALK JUST TO GET KEYS". I was just like "yeah.....I know".

He let us go, but the thing that really bothers me is the fact that we were hassled for walking. That's it. At no point should we have had to explain ourselves to him. We should have been able to have said "we're just walking around for no reason at all", and have it have been fine. I don't get it, are full grown adults not allowed outside past a certain time? He was shining his light in our faces and shit too. I felt so degraded, all I wanted to do was go get my keys, and some total stranger with a gun pulls over, corners me and my friends, and starts giving us the 3rd degree. If we said one thing "wrong", there is no doubt in my mind that he would have searched us and done who knows what else. I have been hassled by Stoughton police so many times since I was 14 and NONE of those times, did I do anything wrong. It always starts with me just walking down the street a little later than when most people do, and some douche bag pulls over and starts giving me shit, searching me, threatening me, calling me names, etc. I shouldn't have to look on the "bright side" and just be thankful that he didn't shoot me.

Whatever, I'm done with that subject. We went back to Mike's and recorded a little bit, watched The Andy Dick show, and then I drove Matt home. Now I'm at home listening to Vaginal Jesus, which Matt showed me last night. Pretty funny/heavy stuff.

I'm going to go to sleep now because I don't like being awake.

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