Saturday, August 15, 2009

The night becomes my bride and everything else must die

Today I woke up at 3:45 and immediately got stressed out from the fact that I had to be at Dan's by 4:30 so that we could drive to the show in Haverhill. Julia ended up driving me there and she slept in the car while I played. I was fine with that because I just wanted to be with her for the time that I wasn't playing, which is what consumed most of the night. I felt like I was having a panic attack from the second I woke up, until the minute I started playing, which is like a 5 hour gap. I don't know what it is about local shows that freak me out like that. I play shows to total strangers all the time when I'm on tour, but as soon as I start to anticipate having an awkward encounter with an acquaintance, my heart won't stop racing. I must say, it's pretty exhausting being me.

The show went very well, I'd say it was the best show we've ever had at Anchor's Up. We only sold 2 LP's, but I always like to assume that anyone who liked what they saw/heard will at least go home and type in "Energy Invasions Of The Mind Blogspot" on Google. When we got home Julia went right to bed and I just stayed in for the night. I also found out that the Samhain shirt that Julia bought for me isn't even back in stock at Interpunk for another 9 days. So I probably won't be getting it for like 2 weeks...lame.

In the next few days Joe and I will be writing material for the next Energy release at Mike's house. We have a pretty set vision as to what our next release will be like, and I can't wait to be playing songs of this style in our live set. We have an intro that I wrote almost finished that goes into a riff that Joe wrote which will begin track 2, as well as 3 other song ideas I can think of off the top of my head.

Also, Bill Hauser messaged me back regarding my Children Of The Night album art inquiry and it is now definite that he will be drawing the cover for the upcoming Children Of The Night self-titled LP. I am very excited about all the new music that I have planned for my future.

I should try to get to bed at a "decent" hour tonight so that I can hang out with Julia later on.

Until next time...

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