Friday, August 21, 2009


Today I hung out with Julia and we watched Halloween 2 and Prince Of Darkness. After that I went to Mike's and finally finished recording vocals for the new Children Of The Night song "I Play For Keeps":

We also got a line done for the re-recording of "In The Graveyard". I was supposed to drive Eric to the RMV today, but I guess he's not going anymore, so now I can sleep. Matt IM'd me as I was walking up to my doorstep this morning so I said "fuck it", turned around, picked him up, and drove around for a while. I'd say he's one of, if not THE only person I can honestly say is a lot like me. It's very hard to explain. Not to say that I don't identify with other people in certain areas, but Matt and I share very similar outlooks on almost every single aspect of life.

I didn't eat a meal yesterday, so needless to say I'm really hungry. I think I'm going to eat some ice cream before I go to sleep. I wish it would stop being so humid out, I want to enjoy the summer nights and walk around, but it's too disgusting out. I hope tonight is eventful and fun.

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