Monday, August 17, 2009


Julia and I woke up today around 4pm, which is normal for me, but very unusual for her. We didn't leave my room for the rest of the night aside from a quick trip to the grocery store. We watched The Office, The Simpsons, A Haunting In Connecticut, and the Danzig home videos. She wasn't feeling very well and fell back to sleep around 11 or so. I let her sleep for a little while and then drove her home. After that I went to Mike's and started recording vocals for one of the new Children Of The Night songs called "I Play For Keeps".

Here is a clip of that:

Now I'm back in my room waiting around until I have to pick up Julia so I can give her the car. I hope I end up doing something fun today/tonight, because things feel like they've been a little repetitive lately. More repetitive than usual that is.

I can't wait for the fall.

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