Friday, September 25, 2009

ENERGY/Wonder Years/AL4W Tour Update: 01

Day 01: 09-21-09 @ American Legion - Naugatuck, CT

Right now we're driving to the kid's house that we're staying with tonight. I am pretty depressed as usual about heading out on tour. It's always for the same reason I always complain about too so I won't bore you or myself with it. At least for right now that is.

It's the same shit every single tour: No one will stop talking about shit that I couldn't be any less interested in, and I feel totally alone.

We played in CT tonight. I felt our set was received well, but that I sounded absolutely terrible. I'm not being hard on myself either. I have no problem saying when I did well, but this was just terrible. I guess that's what I get though for failing to exercise even the slightest bit during our 2 months off. Whatever, I'm paying the price now, so hopefully it teaches me a lesson.

Robert will be joining us in a few days as our merch guy. I can't wait. He is one of 2 people who I feel I made a real connection with throughout the years of traveling with Energy. Someone who I would hang out with if they lived in my town, not just someone with a place for us to stay while we come through their town.

I think we're near the area where we're staying so this entry will stop here.


I am going to try to update this as often as I can because I've felt really bad about not documenting the last few tours that we did.

Day 02: 9-22-09 @ Bogies - Albany, NY

Today we stopped at Whole Foods in the morning and drove to Albany NY to play the show. Joe, Dan and I walked around a lot before we played. I thought we sounded significantly better than last night, and the crowd seemed to like it. We only sold 1 LP though. Oh well, I had a great time playing.

Now we're driving to Keith's house in Long Island. It's a 3 or 4 hour drive and I think we have an hour left. I can't get "Brick House" out of my head.

Day 03: 09-23-09 @ Broadway - Amityville, NY

As usual, we got to the show pretty early, so Joe and I walked around for a while, got our nails done, and searched for food.

The show was very annoying, Joe broke a string right when we started so we had to stop playing in the middle of our intro, the mic kept unplugging throughout the entire set, for some reason we couldn't keep a steady flow and just start the next song, and 1 possibly 2 fights broke out during the set.

We knew prior to our set that a guy who is interested in managing us was supposed to come out and watch our set, apparently he did, but he left right after our set without introducing himself to us. Afterward he texted Conor and said that he bought an LP and enjoyed the set. So we really just don't know what's going on with all that now. That's just what I need, additional uncertainty in my life. Oh well, I hope things work out and he ends up managing us because we are pathetic at managing ourselves.

Day 04: 09-24-09 @ American Legion - Binghamston, NY

We drove 4 hours today and the drive really got to me. I started feeling claustrophobic halfway into it and asked if we could stop to get food.

The show tonight was awesome. Even though no one knew the words to our songs, people were really feeling it, and that's all I can ask for. The crowd consisted of a lot of younger kids which always excites me because I feel like I have the opportunity to influence them and get them interested in good music at a young age. There were a lot of little girls that wanted pictures with me tonight.

The show is over now and I'm just standing outside. I hope we have a good place to stay tonight, not a long drive to said place, and plenty of time to sleep in tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

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