Sunday, February 21, 2010

I never know what to write here

On Thursday, February 18th, I went to Mike's house like I do almost every night. At one point Mike started playing this descending chord pattern while humming a random melody. I told him I liked it, and that we should run with it. Last night (the 20th) we completed the song. It's not that the song came particularly easy to us, we just worked really hard during a short amount of time and got things done. I want to do that more often. Both of us are fully capable of writing music and melodies with ease, and although writing lyrics is time consuming, we get it done when we put our minds to it. I really like how the song came out too. The verses and chorus have kind of the same feel as "Walk Into The Fire", and the bridge is really heavy and aggressive. This will be a fun song to perform live. We're not sure what the name of this song will be, so I won't post the lyrics just yet. I think we're going to start recording a demo of it soon.

Today Julia and I went to Grasshopper which is always good. We sat next to some idiot hippie girl that talked in a whiny, slow, measured, way that just cut right through everything. The place was packed so it wasn't as obnoxious as you'd imagine, but it still sucked. After that we went home, watched T.V., and then Julia went to bed. I just got back from Mike's a little less than an hour ago. Eric, Roe, and Dave were there. We laughed a lot and watched Charles Manson interviews for a while. I hope I wake up somewhat early tomorrow so I can spend Julia's one day off with her. On that note, I'm going to end this.

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