Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Radio Show

Today I woke up at 10:30 am and started getting ready for practice and our radio show. I tried to sing as little as possible at practice to save my voice for the show. I think we did alright. A lot of my vocals were off, but I don't think people are looking for perfection in a live set. Of course though, from the artist's perspective, I can't help but criticize myself.
When we got there we loaded in and didn't sound check until less than a half of an hour before we started. I was nervous about the lack of reverb in the playback I heard, but listening to it now, it's not too bad. I was especially shaky during the first half of the Children Of The Night set. I think I was just nervous because I got better the more we played. The Energy set went pretty well aside from the fact that I forgot 1 line in Walk Into The Fire, and had a few awkward speaking moments between songs, but that's nothing new.

I wish someone was taking pictures because we still don't have 1 single photo of us playing live with Mike. Oh well, I'd rather have what we did get which is a soundboard quality recording of the show. Mike fixed up the audio so that it sounds better than it did:

Children Of The Night's set:

01. In The Graveyard
02. Ghoul Like You
03. The Messenger
04. I Play For Keeps
05. I'm Going To Kill You
06. Route 44
07. I Killed Your Boyfriend


Energy's set:

01. Contact/Hail The Size Of Grapes
02. Walk Into The Fire
03. Lost And Found/Streetlights
04. Hunter Red
05. Keep The Change
06. Pet Semetary
07. Heaven
08. Halloween
09. 400




I don't have much else to write about because my day was pretty much only focused on that.

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