Friday, January 27, 2012


Today I woke up and realized that the records I ordered from Epitaph Records would be arriving any minute. This immediately made my day. I ordered Rancid's "...And Out Come The Wolves", Bad Religion's "The Process Of Belief", and Bad Religion's self titled debut 7 inch...all of which arrived defective of course.

The BR LP plays fine but is visibly warped, the Rancid LP is extremely warped and plays horribly, and the BR 7 inch isn't warped but has a skip during the song "Drastic Actions". I don't understand how it's possible that I seem to obtain so many damaged records. Almost every single time I buy brand new records from somewhere, at least one of them is fucked, yet I buy an original pressing of The Beatles' "Let It Be" from over 40 years ago and it's straight as an arrow and plays beautifully. I wouldn't even be that annoyed if all I had to do was go to Newbury Comics and exchange them, but that's not the case here. I now have to wait for them to send me a shipping label in the mail, package the records back up, send them back, and then wait who the hell knows how long until I finally receive my undamaged records. I got them to agree to open the records and check them before sending me my replacements. Oh well. This isn't an actual problem, just something mildly annoying that I felt like explaining here.

Julia purchased tickets for us to go see Andrew W.K. on March 28th at The Paradise in Boston. I can't wait. I just hope that Eric and everyone else I know that wants to go ends up getting tickets before they sell out, but I know they won't. I had to buy like 5 tickets to Danzig when he first reunited with Doyle back in 2005 just to get other people to go. I don't know why everyone I know seems to hate planning/thinking ahead.

Once Julia came home she went to the RMV to get her new license. Her official form of identification now says "Julia Tankerley". After that, we went to the gym and did shoulders & legs. It wasn't a very good gym day for either of us. I did what I needed to do, but I was pretty drained by the time we left. We didn't even bother running. After the gym we came home and rented/watched Tim & Eric's "Billion Dollar Movie". It was definitely hilarious, but like a lot of things T&E related - I'll have to re-watch it a few times to really soak it in.

That's pretty much what my entire day consisted of. I will now finish listening to Black Sabbath's "Master Of Reality" and continue to obsess over how I need to upgrade to the Audio-Technica LP120 turntable.

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